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Plasti-Dip Services

We dip it all! Emblems, motorcycles, cars, trucks, RV's and everything in between. Call or email us today for pricing!

Pearls and Juice additives
Single color with or without topcoat (glossifier)
Multi color paint car schemes (camo, etc)
Chameleon car schemes

Call or email for large vehicles and small projects as prices vary based off products used such as adding pearls, glossifier, etc.

Detail Packages

Stage 1
Wash and wax
Minor scratch removal
Interior vacuum and wipedown
Engine wash
Door jambs
Scent of choice!
    Starting at $115.00 plus tax

Stage 2
Wash and wax (natural carnuba wax + Xseal 6 month sealant)
Clay bar entire vehicle
Mild Scratch and swirl removal
Water spot removal
Interior vacuum and wipe down
Shampoo carpets and seats
Engine wash
Door jambs
Window sealant
Scent of choice!
     Starting at $160.00 plus tax

Premium wash and Butter Wet wax PLUS JETseal 1 year sealant!
Clay bar and color sanding
Full scratch removal
Chrome polishing
Full exterior dressing
Engine wash and dressing
Undercarriage wash and coating
Interior vacuum, wipe down, and full dressing
Shampoo carpets and seats
     Starting at $275.00 plus tax

Special Dealer pricing available!